Drawing a Crowd is a creative studio based in Tokyo. Drawing a Crowd is a partnership of two designers with years of experience in art direction, graphic design, web design, photography, videography and illustration. Not only to we create, but we also collaborate with a crowd of experts in all creative fields so that all clients’ needs can be addressed with the highest quality of work. Our network includes directors, software developers, musicians, editors and translators.

The key Drawing a Crowd is creativity and ideas. We look at each clients’ situation and come up with solutions and concepts which are original and allow the client to stand out from competitors.


  • Graphic design for print – We produce stunning magazines, brochures, travel guides and any other print media you need
  • Web Design – Our websites are always standards-compliant HTML5/XHTML & CSS3, we love and highly recommend responsive design and we can provide hosting services
  • Movie – From commercials to music videos, we have a passion for making cool videos and love taking on new challenges.